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Sharing what you need to be using to stay looking youthful. I forgot to mention that you should also be using a peptide. A peptide will help your skin produce collagen. I believe it’s best to use a serum peptide than a cream. It absorbs faster in your skin and I personally don’t think a peptide added to a cream that’s in a jar is a good idea. Once you open the jar and stick your fingers in that product it starts breaking down. Also make sure you are using a sunblock. An spf of at least a 30 should be used anytime you are outdoors especially if you are using a Retinol.

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  1. By joy wells on

    I am new to your channel. There is a lot of discussion about medical grade skin care vs. OTC like Sunday Riley (which I love). Some people say that medical grade only gets down to the deep layers of your skin. What are your thoughts?

  2. By Amy Williams on

    I've come over from Nisha's channel, I'm excited to find you I think you're channel is right up my alley. I swear by Retin A and Vit C, I have just started paying more attention to peptides, it's definitely a learning process!

  3. By Jarmila Patterson on

    Hi Anne, I came from Nisha's channel as well and I am also excited about finding you :). This video is wonderful. I do have a question. You said not to use an eye cream and I know that many people share this opinion for the same reasons as you mentioned. But I am still a bit confused about that even though I have tried to educate myself about the issue. I guess my question comes from a fact that I still look for different ingredients in an eye cream and in a facial cream. For example I want my eye cream to contain some caffeine, but I don't feel I need that anywhere else including a facial cream. I wonder what you thoughts are? Thank you for doing this video!!

  4. By Nelly van der Kroef on

    I also came over from Nisha's channel and I am glad I found you xoxo from Amsterdam

  5. By bellsbaby1964 on

    Hi Anne, I just came over from Nisha's channel and am excited to get to know you!  I feel like I learn so much from each of you and that yous all become like a friend.  Sincerely, Helen

  6. By Nails by Sharon H on

    Hi! I'm a brand new subscriber sent over by Nisha (Sugar Puff and Fluff). I use the products you mentioned, but I was wondering when is the best time to apply the vitamin C and if its at night, is it okay to use with retin-A? Or, if in the AM, can I use it with the Sunday Riley Good Genes? I'm getting confused with the order in which to use things. But, I will check your routine video as well! Nice to "meet " you! 💜

  7. By Carol F on

    I have to recommend "Uppiesbeads59", she is my favorite. She fits right in with Stephanie, Caroline & Angie.

  8. By Sandra Matthews on

    Hi Anne.I am also a brand new subscriber sent over by Nisha Sugar Puff and Fluff. I was just wondering if you have ever tried LBRI products and if you have what your opinion is on them? Some of the products you mentioned are very expensive and not really in my price range so I am looking for less expensive alternatives. Thank you and I love your channel.

  9. By Kim Michaud on

    everything u said is correct but u forgot to mention the need to wear sunscreen daily

  10. By Barbara Mc on

    Hi Anne, my dermatologist told me the same thing about under eye cream. You Rock❣️

  11. By Heidi Aguilar on

    Can you balance the white balance? Your face looks the same color as the door. too bright, a little hard to watch.


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