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Dr. Z discusses the importance of a skin care routine. Dr. Z walks us through the day, in terms of our skin, and what we should be doing to produce or maintain that healthy glow. Dr. Z goes over basic cleansers, sunscreen, moisturizers, retinol and more.

Ann Zedlitz M.D. is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Louisiana State University Health Science Center and runs the Laser clinic services. She is also in private practice in Baton Rouge, LA. She practices general, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology with a special interest in anti-aging and acne treatment. She appears regularly on WBRZ providing skin care tips, as well as on her Facebook Page: ‪

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  1. By Laura LaBody on

    I heard that using retin a/retinol can make skin thinner with prolonged use so I never used the products. Is this true do you know?  I'm 39 and everyone I meet guesses me about 24-28 (when I wear the "no make up look" or just use bronzer is when I get guessed to be younger) but obviously I think I look better with make up however my husband likes me fresh out of the shower and no make up at all! I don't look that different with make up and hate wearing heavy make up. When I rarely do I can't wait to take it off and put on my serums and cream but that's all I do….my parents both have amazing skin so I am sure genetics play a role but I've always eaten little and kept busy. My life is that more of leisure and stress is minimal and I've never had to be up early or "have" to work so I also get a good nights rest and take my vitamins 🙂 Doing this has kept me looking younger but most of all is from living without fear and having faith in God and Jesus….they are my primary family:) 

  2. By Tina Gerry on

    Wow. I like the information. I can't help but notice the botox, fillers and caked on makeup on Dr Z. Yikes! Too much! 

  3. By Tina Mureilla on

    I know for sure Neutrogena & Oil of Olay ARE NOT cruelty free 🐶🐇🐱😢

  4. By Holly Fisher on

    I do really like how hydrating and non-irritating CereVe hasbeen for my skin lately!Yet, will be checking on their cruelty-free policy before purchasing again:)

  5. By Melville quincy on

    I don't know how much can I trust a company, that makes product for humans and don't test it on animals first. Do I want to be the one to find that this or that ingredient is harmful to me or my child? I'd rather sacrifice a rat or 2, than to sacrifice me or another human being. Sorry guys, but I put human life above rat's.

  6. By Susan Meadows on

    The title of this video has nothing to do with the video! Wasted my time.

  7. By Morganna Lefay on

    Doctors do not know a lot about products, this woman is just pushing Olay and she is getting paid for it, Olay is one of the worst skin cream ever made, full of toxic chemicals and silicone.

  8. By Jenna Smith on

    Isn't it cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize, then sunblock????

  9. By Tracey Plaza on

    Very Useful acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it). I am pleased I downloaded this one – a fast read with easy to implement acne remedies. I will be using some of these tips from this book for my kid. This may sound simple, but I believe that I`ll be satisfied with the results of the small changes.

  10. By Janell Bledsoe on

    I am in my 40`s and just began with adult acne. It got really terrible!! I have never had acne in my life!! I used acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) and in just 2 weeks i had already started to discover a positive change! I`m trying this treatment for 2 months now and have become self-confident again.

  11. By Inge Adams on

    In conjunction with the serum this is going to be a very good product [Official Website>>> ] for my skin. Being older does not have to mean old and wrinkled anymore.

  12. By Tracey Plaza on

    My own daughter completely loves this acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it). We have already spent a large amount of cash using different acne remedies for over a year now but not one of them had worked. I`m actually happy we discovered this guide. We saw an evident difference in just a couple of days and in just a couple of weeks her acne had disappeared.

  13. By Ann Campbell on

    I just use vitamin c with the vitamin e cream, combine and use daily


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