Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion and Gel vs Hada Labo Retinol Lifting Firming Lotion and Gel

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Your Beautyjunkee Friend – Lily

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  1. By niklaw56 on

    Hey LilyYou need to try the yamano Kohaku hada lotion. Absolutely amazing very moisturizing. I have the hada labo lotion too.

  2. By kayce m. on

    i swear by the original hada labo moisturizing toner — so much so that i've never ventured out to the rest of their products.  i will have to give some of their other products a shot, especially that gel for laugh lines!  i always have bad luck with retinol products, too, and have no patience for the "bad" phase that supposedly comes before the beauty.  plus i think i feel loyal to the original lotion bc it cured my psoriasis and if i'm honest, i'm almost scared to remove it from my routine.  in your opinion, how does the pink jar lifting gel compared to scinic pig collagen?also, was sad to see the changes to swisskinrx website — i was just trying to link someone to your hyaluronic/squalene serum and saw the changes.  since i'm out of my b.c.e. ferulic, i've been using a powdered vitamin c from cosmedix mixed with my hada labo and it's ok, but def not the same!

  3. By Daniel Asher Saville on

    I'm going to be a nightmare for you now ! 🙂 There is a range that has made the smallest molecule of Hyaluronic acid of any products on the market in the world . I found it by accident it's just mind blowing but a fortune 🙁 they got the hyaluronic acid down to 5 daltons !! That's teeny weeny considering most are at least 10,000 and classed as nano ! I saved and saved and bought a few bits and I'm astounded !! It Also has the egg shall membrane which I've been reading all about ! The range is called Forlle'd ! And after your Ginseing review I bought all samples of the products ! Your right!! I'm amazed ! No peptides etc but such a glow and firmness ! I was shocked ! Now look at a skin care line made by a company called Tunemakers ! Wish I could see your jaw hit the floor like mine did ! But I have no idea where to get it from ! Your the best ! I get excited with every video you make !!!

  4. By Lucrece von Kasm on

    Which is your favourite snail essence please? X

  5. By iamabeautyjunkee on

    so far I am loving Secret Key Prestige 3-in-1 snail essence the best:)…cheers…Lily

  6. By Natasha Subramaniam on

    Hello!Thank God I watched this video as I was planning to place an order for the Retinol version on Rakuten. I have tried Sana and Juju hyaluronic water cream. I have irritated red cheeks so now don't know whether to purchase..


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