Paula’s Choice Skincare Routine – Does it really work?? * Jen Luvs Reviews

I’ve tried SO many anti-aging products and very few actually do anything. I have heard a lot from the community about Paula’s Choice Skincare, so when I was contacted for a sponsored review, I wanted to try it to see for myself. I’ll show you before and after photos of the results as well as which products are worth the purchase.

FTC: This was sponsored by Pretty In My Pocket on behalf of Paula’s Choice. This means that I was paid money to try these products and review them for you. I agreed to do the video with the condition that this would be an HONEST review. I did not pay for the products shown in this video. They were sent to me for review.

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  1. By Maryam Albloushi on

    My skin is dry and i tried their aha gel and it helped me to get rid of harsh bumps under the skin , they have samples too which is great , here $10 off for your first order if you'd like to try 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  2. By Jaime Gasca on

    I liked the resist toner and skin balancing facewash . I immediately saw a glow in my face but unfortunately had to stop using resist toner and that facewash cause I was breaking out. I just received their skin recovery toner so hoping it won't me break out as I would love to be able to apply it everyday.

  3. By Melissa Jones on

    Another great thing about Paula's choice, if you just want to order a sample, which is around 10.00 shipping is free!!! Samples are always free shipping! That's wonderful!

  4. By Emily Carter on

    you look pretty young for mid 30's. if youre concerned about forehead wrinkles have you ever looked into botox?

  5. By Billy M on

    I know you posted this video long ago but as I didn't see any expiry date for Paula's Choice discount, I tried, but it doesn't work. it does not reduce the price nor you had any code. So maybe you should either take of the discount link or mention expiry date if there is one. Thanks 🙂

  6. By imscanon on

    In the mid-80ś Paula started writing books about makeup application, ingredients, colors, brands, etc. I have and read all of them. She then started a newsletter called Beauty Bulletin that I subscribed to (back when these things came in the mail) and loved that. As a subscriber of that, in the mid-90ś when she was testing stuff for her new line, I got to test all the stuff and give feedback because she used her subscriber list for that. I was so excited when it finally launched. You could get a huge 32oz cleanser for $11. Yep. Makeup came and went but she still has just a few things in that category. I haven´t used any cleanser but hers since the first bottle. My acne cleared up completely through her products and product recommendations for makeup. I STILL even now, reference Beautipedia before buying anything. I am 53 but people all the time tell me I look mid-30ś and often inquire about the May/Dec of me with my 60 y/o bf LOL I always get, oh well, when you hit 40 you will see..and itś awkward when I gotta tell them been there done that, in syndication now haha.Over the years her line grew tremendously and sizes got smaller and prices got much higher so I don´t use only her stuff now, but still use my HG stuff that I won´t use anything else for, like the cleanser, and I like the Resist stuff. Order the travel kits to try them out, because the little packets that come free are just not big enough to get a good idea of the product. Everything used to come in 3oz travel sizes and I still have some of those bottles and just refill for travel, but sadly, not everything comes in a trial size now. Anyway, if ya want an example of someone who has used the stuff for over 20 years and sees the results, I´m one. I will say though, that I do think her original intent went off track a little bit because the prices now seem the opposite of her original goal of affordable skin care that really works. Itś still worth it though. I trust her and recommend her stuff all the time.

  7. By Tina Hu on

    Great review! I really enjoy Paula's choice as well. Have you ever looked at Skin Actives? ( I'm not affiliated in any way but truly feel in love with their A Cream, Collagen Serum and C Serum. It would just be nice to see a review, another take on it.

  8. By totallyawesomevideos on

    So love this review and btw you look like you're in your mid 20's – hi five!! I have been using PC products and they really do what they claim. If anyone wants to try out PC products for the first time, use this coupon code and get $10 off your first order: Enjoy!!

  9. By Verena T on

    in which products are silicons? i dont want to have silicons in my face..but i am interested in this products…

  10. By dagmar mccormick on

    geeeeshhh slow down when your talking please. thanks for your review I appreciate it.

  11. By Wendi Lafever on

    I keep hearing people say about not washing their face in the am. Even people with oily skin. I don't know if I can train my brain to not wash it in the mornings. They use toner and moisturizer before makeup and saw great rewards


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