Pura Bella Anti-Aging Retinol Skin Care Cream

http://www.frederick.com/Pura_Bella_AntiAging_Retinol_Cream-a-2789.html The blend of medically proven active components within Pura Bella function concurrently to repair, restore and restore the dermal matrix of the epidermis. This process at the cellular level helps increase dermal moisturization and tightens its composition to smooth out the adverse effects of aging.

Pura Bella activates elastin and collagen production which help improve hydration and suppleness respectively. This helps to not only decrease and avert effects of getting older but additionally remedies different skin flaws like dryness, cracking and inflammation.

Medically Tested Skincare Breakthrough

Pura Bella was developed by skincare professionals and health experts to supply anti-aging properties with no negative side effects or risk. It contains effective active ingredients which assist in repairing, restoring and rejuvenating the epidermis in an effective and efficient way.

Pura Bella is perfect for immediate relief of problem dry places and inflammation as a result of skin damage. Regular application of Pura Bella helps nourish, hydrate and tighten the skin bringing back the radiant glow to your face, naturally!

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