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Retinol one of today’s most popular skincare treatments. See For a more detailed analysis of available skin treatments, cosmetic procedures, facial rejuvenation, skin tightening providers, and skin care tips.

Retinol Creams, Lotions, and Magic Serums.
Creams, Lotions, and Magic Serums that claim to revitalize your skin. But do they actually get the results you are looking for?
There is an abundance of over-the-counter cosmetic skincare products in fact, claiming to help fight wrinkles, loose skin, and various signs of aging, skin damage, etc. But are they really the “Facelift Genie in a Bottle” that many claim to be?
One popular option is Retinol or the retinoid creams.
What are Retinol/ Retinoid Creams?
These are skin care products that have Retinol listed in the ingredients.
But are any of these Retinol skin treatment products worthy of our attention – let alone our hard earned dollars when it comes to their effectiveness?
Surprise… Retinol based skin creams and their products it turns out really are worth taking a look at. Retinol/retinoid is one of the few medical substances actually proven to alleviate wrinkles.
How is Retinol used Medically?
Retinoids were initially introduced in the 1970s as an acne-fighting drug. Since the 70’s it has been used successfully to treat wrinkles, sun damage problems, psoriasis, skin color (pigmentation) changes, and other aging related skin issues.
How does Retinol work?
Retinol applied to your skins surface goes to work by causing surface skin cells to die off in rapid succession. This causes the skin to react by forming new cells to take their place.
The result is the perpetual refreshing and renewing of your skins surface.
The new skin is of a cosmetically superior nature to the skin being replaced. It is often tighter, smoother, clearer, and more vibrant.
The principle is a sound one. The skin renewal response method is used in many other popular cosmetic procedures.
Does Retinol only work on the skin surface?
Retinoids also work at deeper skin foundational levels helping to slow the breakdown of essential collagen.
This deeper collagen and elastin layer of the skin is where the real aging skin problem exists, its where problems like lines, crinkles, wrinkles, and thinning skin have their roots.
This collagen and elastin matrix skin level is where other popular skin treatments like lasers, radio frequency, and ultrasound skin tightening methods aim to treat.
Are Over the Counter Retinol Creams Effective Wrinkle Fighters?
Here’s the problem with over the counter Retinol… over-the-counter skin creams and firming gels don’t have to list the actual Retinol content of their products. There are prescription strength treatments with as much as 100 times the retinol content of over the counter creams.
Over the counter Retinol skin firming products may not be worth the expense.
If you are thinking about Retinol as an effective anti-aging or wrinkle treatment we would recommend trying a prescription based product.
What about Retinol Risk and Side Effects?
Retinoids have been in medical use for a long time now and so there are no real surprises here when it comes to possible side effects and risks.
Retinol’s biggest issue is that it can be very irritating to the skin initially. The best course of treatment is to start slowly and not be alarmed if you see initial redness or even peeling.
Do the Side Effects Last?
Initial side effect symptoms should pass after a few weeks of regular use as you become accustomed to the skin treatment. If redness and peeling is extreme or persists you should consult with your doctor or dermatologist.
Also ask your doctor if you should avoid using other medications on your skin at the same time you are using Retinol.
Medical grade Retinoid creams can be prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist.
Is Retinol Really a face lift in a bottle?
Will Retinol alone fix wrinkles, combat loose skin, and provide you with a facelift in a bottle type results? Not likely but it can help and is often beneficial as part of a cosmetic treatment routine designed to keep you looking your best for longer. This is especially true when retinol is combined with other more effective facial rejuvenation skin treatments.
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