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    Do you notice your skin is more sensitive with sun, using product– or is 30 sunscreen enough, if you went to beach? Because of drying agent, do you over moisturize to avoid dry/cracking/more fine lines?

  2. By Robert Nevoa on

    so if this product is drying to the skin it might be the tightening affect and the closing of the pores, but after applying the retinol cream on the face and letting it dry on somewhat for a few minutes like 15 minutes or more why not pat on a moisturizer like ponds alpha hydroxy anti wrinkles cream which cost about lest than ten bucks $7. and some ยข to be precise?or a more milder cream like Olay none fragrance for sensitive skin. for $21 or if special sale $17.95 ? just an idea or suggestion that popped in my head.i myself am looking for an ITC replacement to Retin A , for at times when my pimples rears up their ugly head. so I will get this Deep Retinol cream because of its price $22 and some change is a good thing as Martha Stewart might say.But I'd say it's a COOL deal, after all retinol is all about vitamin A applicable to the skin and it will be at night use anyhow – so I'll was it off every morning with my aloe Vera soothing gel the cost $6 for a big jar at CVS or Walgreen, since i don't use ever soap for the face, thanks to my great aunt's Marie counselling.


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