SKINCARE UPDATE: Routine, Thermage Update, Trial Lineup


love how your always super honest about things …will probably wait about the thermage treatments… i find through foods you eat & supplementation you can give your body what it needs to make more collagen from the inside… for me I saw a difference in 3 months in my neck especially…. rather than paying so much $$$ on something that works from the outside…

oh & also, I stayed away from dairy…. if you watch ‘fork over knives’ as an example. there is so much about diary that is not great for your skin. and bascially any multi that has enough zinc in it has helped my skin flourish 🙂 

Thanks for your review Jodi. I’m in my mid-40s with oily skin. I’ve just started using Paula’s Choice in particular I bought the Hydralight kit. It came with the same cleanser and toner that you featured, a 1% BHA exfoliator, night moisturiser and day moisturiser. It came with the trial size retinol serum. After just a few days my oily skin seems like it had become normal and I also don’t need a primer anymore (and no more touch ups at lunchtime which is unheard of). I’m now testing the range on my 20 year old daughter who has combo blemished skin. She is also finding her skin is much smoother, post-pimple discolouration is far reduced and there is minor pimple recurrence. I’ve just added the vitamin c booster, matching brightening treatment, the full size retinolserum.and the 8% AHA exfoliator because I love my glycolic acid. I can’t believe the change and given I thought I had good skin before I started. I would love, love, love more skincare stories from you. They are my favourites.

Thank you for your obviously truly honest opinion about the Thermage. I’ve been waiting for your thoughts and I never feel with you, that you compromise honesty to appease a sponsor or brand!

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