The ROC: Eye Cream Review (6 week study)

Hey Everyone!!!! I finally have the Roc review for you!!! I took this review very seriously and took pics every fri for 6 weeks! Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! Xoxo Stacie

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  1. By Megan Navarro on

    Hi. I just came across your video as I am in search of a wrinkle cream for my under eye area that actually works. I have wrinkles on the under part of my eye and wondered if you still use this cream or if you've found one that works better since its been awhile since this video?

  2. By kittttygirl5 on

    Holy crap that is a HUGE improvement!!! I'm sad to here that it doesn't help with dark circles because I'm on this never ending search to find an eye cream that actually gets rid of dark circles 🙁 do you have any suggestions?

  3. By Julie Swahn on

    It seems to me that you are smiling pretty big in photo #1 but not much or at all in #6. That right there would make a difference…

  4. By sheri drscoll on

    I bought some at Walgreens they had the under eye cream with the Deep wrinkle night cream in the same box.I scub my face in the morning and than put on both creams let it soak in while I read the paper and have coffee.Been using it for 6 weeks and I can see a big difference .My skin is not blotchy,it didnt break me out,and it is super soft.Love it really worth it.I have noticed eye makeup seems to make my eyes puffy so try and take it all off at night.I  thinkit irritates your eyes at night.

  5. By passion taylor on

    Omg just such a transformation! (Not that you looked bad before :)) I was considering buying this and now I'm sure I will! Thanks for your review

  6. By JennyPenny90 on

    why would you do black in white pics ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh really

  7. By Mary Cox on

    I'm trying this cream. I've just started getting awful eyes at 56 and hope this helps

  8. By Denise Connolly on

    Hi I come across this video from a few yes ago and was wondering are u still using the roc eye cream or have u found something else

  9. By Deven Lee on

    Awesome results on the eyes pictures I'm using the same thing I like it

  10. By Simone Cobb on

    hi, I think you did have puffiness in #1 and in #6 the puffiness was gone…I am going to try this stuff,,,,,i have the same puffiness !!!!! xo  Simone

  11. By Daisymagi on

    This brand REALLY WORKS. I have tried it but its a bit pricey for people like me ,lol.

  12. By weconday murray on

    you should do a 12 week bc although most labels say 4 to 6 weeks its actually 12 weeks or so


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